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All the Toys!!!
The Toys in the group consist of early model Toys and a few Jeepers. Hey, If its got 4lo you can go.

What we been into!!!!
After what seems like FOREVER... It looks like ALL rigs are once again accounted for, the Yota's are built and as 2012 rolls into view they are all wheelable. There is still some fine tuning to be said for a few but that's wheelin.
Hopefully we can get a lot of  good times in the dirt this coming year.
We can't exclude a few of other makes that will be found running with us or us with them... There's a couple of Jeepers and a couple of Fords and even an FJ (40 that is) that can all be seen on the trails.

Where we wheel....
Haspin Acres, is where most of the wheeling has been happening, not a bad place, as long as its dry, can you say body damage?! 
That and with current gas prices, one can make it to and from on a tank of gas.
Good for a weekend to hang out , test mods etc... Its the closest to the Cincy area at about an hour (give or take). Mostly dry dirt, some good climbs (more fun when wet!), can get ridiculously muddy too!!!  See Links section for links to the area.

Dirty Turtle, KY - A few of us got down there once back in 2010, nice riding, got some decent trails in.. Think we're gonna have to the group down there again.

Slade County, Ky, Sure does seem to have a lot to offer.  The spot we went to is in the Daniel Boone Forest in Natural Bridges back pocket.  It was nice, good old Ky sandstone, awesome scenery and  trails all to ourselves, we will return.

Dillsborough, some private land of a friend mostly a few quick runs, lasting a few / several hours. Kenny is always working to add new trails. Some creeks and trails within an hour away, good to get to if a late start in the day or just wanting to mess-around for a few hours.

We used to wheel  a place in Kentucky, mile marker 49 - Livingston. but it has been shut down, now there has always been a catch or loop hole, supposedly if your licensed and insured your legal, as long as your not on private property.
Livingston was about a two and half hour drive. Great area, main trails are "logging" roads so not too difficult, some rocks to climb, and so a little more tricky obstacles with some off camber action as well. Many of the early years pics are from there.

Kentucky Outback Park, aka Xtremeterrain, or Vanceburg. About at the hour and a half mark, located in Vanceburg, KY. The park is not officially open yet, but it has a lot rock (rock garden), off camber and creek bed trails. With new trails being added all the time. See Links section for links to the area.
* This park has officially Closed - the powers that be never gave it a chance... See the KY Outback Link for details.

Looking ahead we'd like to revisit - Slade County in the Gorge area (good old Ky sandstone), there are plenty more trails to explore, and not to be overlooked; Hillz ní Hollerz isnít too far away, or possibly a trip to Black Mountain (Harlen, KY) would be nice, as well as thereís always Dirty Turtle and Haspin for a quick get away.




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