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85 Pickup
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85 Runner

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TRCD = Toyota Rock Crawling Development


33" Mickey Thompson MTZ's.
Extended Shackles - Springs and shocks w/ rear relocate kit and U-bolt flip.
Flat Bed, Bobbed to shackles and tubing.
Custom Sliders
Extended Shackles (2" over factory) rear.
Diff breathers.
Extended drag link.
Locked rear axle.

Future Mods


Rick's 85 Pickup
85 Pickup 22R 5Speed
Rick's 3rd Yota installment in a year is under way, recently purchased and in semi-stock form and the mods have flowed well before the purchase of this Rig.
Rick had the 85 Runner, which sadly had to be sold, then about a year later an 85 Pup Xtracab minus a motor came along, this rig was well on its way, motor was in and a few other little issues keep it from being all that it could and in the interest of time and trail it was deemed to be sold as well, which paved the way for a running rig... Now those that know Rick, know that once he gets it in head hes going to buy something he will start scouring the plant for parts, which is what he did...
Doors made into halves, lockers, several sets of tires, wheel, weld on parts, batteries and a slew of other pieces and parts were already filling up garage space before there was a running rig. Needless to say; 1 trip in and its good to have Rick back out there.... Some fine tuning and another Yo wil be dominating the dirt....